Application Instructions:

  • You may not resell computer
  • Do not delivered to a computer outside Hong Kong
  • Do not use software license transferred to another computer
  • Do not specify the type or size
  • When In Stock, applications will be reviewed on a first-form
  • Complete payment (check or bank Guo Shu), will be able to apply for approval to complete
  • Once the transaction is completed, will not be refunded (except Hong Kong Computer Aid Association party unable to complete the transaction, there will be a full refund)
  • Computer academic institutions will not apply with Microsoft Office. To use Office, it must be purchased via the Distributor Education Edition licensed software.

Application and collection process:

  • Hong Kong Computer Aid Society will assess the time to process applications. Then will notify the applicant / organization can receive computer time and venue of the Association to receive.
  • Three weeks processing application normally takes.
  • Receiving computer groups must arrange for transportation and transportation costs.
  • We do not provide or install computer loading and unloading work.
  • The computer must receive good appointment date. Such as 14 days not yet received, will be assigned to a computer or other applicants, are not eligible for a refund or notice.


All computers are carefully checked. There have been problems such as the computer received, you can contact the association within 30 days, we will replace the computer or in charge of maintenance work similar model.

  • If you have to replace the computer, you need the light of prevailing stock, and it takes time to process applications.
  • When replacing the computer, agencies are required to make an appointment with the same damage to the computer of the Association, in order to receive a new computer.Such as computer hard disk drives contain a new (HDD), organizations will receive a single manufacturer’s maintenance. (Maintenance of all related matters shall be discussed directly with the manufacturer, regardless of the Hong Kong Computer Aid Association)Hong Kong Computer Aid Association was unable to provide any additional maintenance or support to get through this program a computer

Online Application or Download Application Form:

Download form.